Holistic Dentistry

Our trusted family dentist practice offers cutting-edge solutions and treatments for all of the dental challenges that life brings

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For The Whole Family

Holistic Orthodontics

Achieving the best facial development with no extractions and good respiratory health. It's not just about Straight Teeth!

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Setting New Standards

Treating Headaches for Good

Solving the issue from it's root cause without medication making Headaches a thing of the past!

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Now A Thing Of The Past

The Breathing Clinic

Faulty breathing is the underlying cause
for many ailments and Mal structures

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Treating the Epidemic

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

A scientifically developed and proven permanent treatment, using nature as our guide to stop sleepless nights

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The Permanent Solution

Good Health Dentistry

Is at the forefront of both
Traditional and Cosmetic Dentistry

The science in dentistry has evolved rapidly over the past 10 years. This science recognises that the teeth, jawbones, cranial bones, the bones of the neck and spine are all dynamically connected. This relationship is governed by natural laws of the body which must be understood and obeyed.

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Dental Equipment

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At Good Health Dentistry, our aim is to offer a relaxing and personal dental experience. Offering our patients a range of cutting-edge techniques and treatments including Teeth Whitening, TMJ Treatment, Cosmetic Braces, Holistic Orthodontics and Sleep Apnoea Treatment.

Holistic dental care

Dental Clinic – Orthodontist Lindfield

Good Health Dentistry conduct our dental clinic in Lindfield on the knowledge that the teeth, jawbones, cranial bones and the spinal column are all dynamically connected. This holistic approach to dental care can therefore alleviate a range of conditions, from orthodontics to headaches, that may otherwise have been overlooked in standard dental care.

The dentists at our Lindfield dental clinic have been at the forefront of advancements in dental care, championing the usage of facial orthopaedics, myofunctional correction, breathing normalisation and controlled orthodontics to treat TMJ, snoring and sleep apnoea.

By acknowledging and understanding the body’s interconnectedness, the practitioners at Good Health Dentistry can work with you on a holistic health plan that targets the root of your issue, instead of treating the pain at a surface level.

Our dental clinic in Lindfield is also easily accessible for residents in Roseville, Ryde, Wahroonga and surrounds. If you have been looking for dental braces in the Lindfield area, TMJ treatment, or any other related treatment, Good Health Dentistry will work on a personalised, holistic solution for you. Putting scientific principles into practice ensures we can help patients enjoy a healthier and happier life.

Hygiene and confidence, thanks to braces

Dental Braces Lindfield

A straight, healthy smile has a huge effect on an individual’s confidence and happiness. If you find yourself hiding your smile, requiring dental braces in Lindfield or orthodontic related treatments, Good Health Dentistry is the holistic dental clinic to turn to.

Orthodontic treatment not only improves the appearance of your smile, but also enables you to maintain better oral hygiene, as all your teeth will be in the correct position and be easy to reach for cleaning. You will also be able to enjoy improved functioning of your teeth, jaw and associated joints.

Outdated approaches to orthodontics have been shown to exacerbate or create health problems such as TMJ or sleep apnoea. With our knowledge of the body’s dynamic interconnectedness, Good Health Dentistry are able to provide teeth braces for Lindfield locals that correct the positioning of the patient’s teeth as well as improving their occlusion without negatively affecting the jaw or cranial bones. The orthodontics treatment offered at our Lindfield dental clinic only utilise solutions that are complementary to your body’s structure, following a holistic approach.

If you are looking to improve the health, function and aesthetic appearance of your teeth, the dental braces and holistic approach offered by our Orthodontics in Lindfield could be suitable for you.

Ease your pain with TMJ treatment

TMJ Treatment Lindfield

“TMJ” refers to the temporomandibular joint in the jaw on both sides of the face, with the term more widely being used to refer to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. TMJ is therefore commonly used as an umbrella term to describe the plethora of symptoms an individual might experience when their jaw joints and related muscles are disrupted.

Many people suffer from a TMJ disorder without even knowing what’s plaguing them. Common symptoms of TMJ disorder include:

  • Difficulty in chewing or biting normally
  • Clicking, popping or grating noises from your jaw
  • Pain in your jaw or face

If left to worsen, your TMJ disorder can actually be responsible for a host of other issues, including neck, back and shoulder pain, pain behind the eye, tension headaches, tinnitus, sinus pain and sleep apnoea. This is due to the complex relationship between the teeth, muscles, jaw, cranium and the spinal column, all of which are interconnected.

Good Health Dentistry take a holistic approach to our TMJ treatment in Lindfield, working with you to diagnose the cause of your TMJ disorder, the strategies to manage and treat the condition, as well as treatments for related issues you may be experiencing such as headaches, facial pain or sleep apnoea.

If you suspect your TMJ is causing health issues, don’t allow your joints to further degenerate – contact Good Health Dentistry today about our TMJ treatment at our Lindfield clinic.

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