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This is a very effective procedure to make the teeth look brighter and cleaner especially the older we become. There are many techniques offered to the public through heavy advertising. My experience and scientific information indicate that the cheapest and most effective method is by the home use of custom made trays with the use of a dentist prescribed gel. I do not use light or “laser” treatment as they always need home treatment to follow up and is often very sensitive and therefore there is no long- term gain and the cost is extortionate. Usually after 2 weeks of daily or night time use of the home trays the colour is lightened by about 3 shades, which is very significant.

Teeth Whitening
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If there is one area of holistic dentistry which is most misunderstood it is in this subject. Popular media and advertising by dentists is full of quackery . As dentists, it is our duty to be as scientific or to show good reason by experience that a procedure should be recommended. To this date there is no evidence that removing old amalgams treats such ailments as chronic fatigue syndromes and the like. Besides Viral infections, the main causes are related to the jaw joint.

Therefore, I do not recommend the removal of amalgams for this reason, but will do if requested. However, old amalgams expand and crack teeth and they often leak and cause decay and for this reason often need replacing with different kinds of restorations according to the need.

When restoring teeth I do not use Amalgam because of appearance and also because of the question mark regarding the use of mercury on the body.


Modern veneer technology now allows for minimal preparation of the tooth, which means that very little tooth is removed and the veneer is very thin removing that bulky look so common with veneers. Veneers should be done in pairs at least as matching to one tooth is almost impossible. This is a very effective treatment for worn down or broken front teeth. If the wear is due to grinding, then some protection needs to be worn at night to prevent fracture. This is usually just a thin shim.

Metal free ceramic dental crowns
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Where a tooth is missing between 2 teeth a porcelain bridge can be made. It must be remembered that this involves cutting the teeth either side. The alternative is a titanium screw placed in the bone (IMPLANT) , and a crown fixed on top. The placement of the screw is very important and therefore I always refer this stage of treatment to a specialist and we complete the crowns ourselves as designing to crowns with balanced forces is our expertise.


Both of these situations can be treated with crowns, bridges and veneers. But the crooked teeth, especially, may be better treated by creating bone to make them straight with Adult Holistic orthodontics. This will achieve a much better aesthetic result in the teeth and the face. The teeth may then require restoration with crowns or veneers if badly broken or worn.

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