Is not just about straight teeth. It is to restore the bones of the face to the natural size and shape without extractions or surgery, maxmising beauty and health and avoiding the common faults of traditional orthodontics such as snoring and sleep apnoea, headaches and migraines, and a long, flat and narrow face.

The natural way to grow is to develop a beautiful developed face with a wide straight smile, with a healthy jaw joint and a well-developed airway. This has been well researched and commented upon by such researchers as Dr Weston Price.

I have been studying the causes of facial pain and snoring and sleep apnoea for over 20 years and have come to understand the forces that work in our favour to achieve this beautiful harmony of facial development and health.

Orthodontic plaster model and retainers

Unfortunately today, 75% of children are underdeveloped in their facial bones, mainly noticed by the malformed teeth. But the teeth are only an indication of the bigger problem. The trouble is that we are told this is a genetic problem and the only solution is to extract teeth and pull them back to straighten them, maybe with some kind of un-biological “expansion”.


This is all madness. It usually results in:

A long narrow unpleasant face

Narrow smile

Likelihood of snoring/sleep apnoea

Inflamed jaw joints causing migraines and headaches

High incidence of future collapse looking worse than when started

The real problem is the way we breathe with our mouth open at night and day. This has multiple ongoing effects:

•The tongue sits low in the mouth. It should sit in the roof of the mouth where it stimulates the best development of the face.

•A tongue thrust develops with active mouth muscle involvement when swallowing helping to cause irregular teeth.

•Hidden hyperventilation develops: the root cause of most respiratory diseases such as asthma, snoring/sleep apnoea, ear infections, repeating colds, anxiety (see Buteyko method and our breathing clinic)

•The jaw gets pushed back in the head causing inflamed jaw joints, the major cause of headaches and migraine.

Everything comes from proper breathing with the lips closed, nasal breathing being the primary method.

Many people come to us to correct the destructive effects of traditional orthodontics, usually complaining of the looks or the pain. We can help them enormously, but far better to make it simple and get it right as young as possible.


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Firstly, in most cases there is the phase of bone restoration. This is the most critical phase.

When done in harmony with the biological principles of natural bone development then all the bones in the face develop in relation to each other resulting in a more beautiful developed face, plenty of space for all the teeth (which means NO EXTRACTIONS),  widened nasal cavity making breathing easier.

This allows the lower jaw to slide forwards to free up stress in the jaw joint (TMJ) and open the airway at the back of the throat helping to prevent snoring and sleep apnoea.

This period takes about 4-14 months depending on the situation. We do not use heavy screws for quick expansion as this is un-biologic and unstable. This is a painless technique using the most modern designs of fixed or removable appliances that gently stimulate natural bone growth. There is no force.

Secondly, once the bone is developed, then controlled arch braces are placed to close all gaps, level and align the teeth. Although they look the same as traditional braces, they control the forces in a completely different way, making sure that all the development gained in the first phase is not lost. This results in a beautiful wide smile.

Thirdly, this phase is the most important in the long term and the one most usually ignored. It is the training of the lips, tongue and breathing to work in harmony. The breathing retraining is given in groups usually in the holiday periods and consists of 3 sessions over 3 days each lasting 1 1/2 hours. This is most important because it is these malfunctions which caused the improper growth in the first place, and which if left untreated will cause the collapse of all the treatment done. This is the most common result of traditional orthodontic treatment.

After all treatment, different forms of long term retention are prescribed as there can be no certainty that all residual forces are removed.

The treatment plan given includes all phases in the quote given. There are no hidden surprises. The quote will include all the services regardless of how long it takes. As a good guide most treatment takes about 24 months.

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