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Holistic Orthodontics

Achieving the best facial development with no extractions and good respiratory health. It's not just about Straight Teeth!

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Treating Headaches for Good

Solving the issue from it's root cause without medication making Headaches a thing of the past!

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The Breathing Clinic

Faulty breathing is the underlying cause
for many ailments and Mal structures

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Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

A scientifically developed and proven permanent treatment, using nature as our guide to stop sleepless nights

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Good Health Dentistry

Is at the forefront of both
Traditional and Cosmetic Dentistry

The science in dentistry has evolved rapidly over the past 10 years. This science recognises that the teeth, jawbones, cranial bones, the bones of the neck and spine are all dynamically connected. This relationship is governed by natural laws of the body which must be understood and obeyed.

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Holistic health, starting with oral health

Dental Clinic – Orthodontist Chatswood

If you have been looking for a holistic dental clinic near Chatswood, Good Health Dentistry could have the treatments and solutions you are looking for. Our range of dental treatments for Chatswood locals utilise a holistic understanding of the human body and dental health’s role in overall health and wellbeing to treat a range of conditions.

Conditions as diverse as sleep apnoea, TMJ disorder and migraines may all be related to issues with the teeth, jaw or cranium. Our team expert dentists can diagnose the source of your pain, and provide the oral health solutions required to alleviate your pain or treat the condition.

The health professionals at our Lindfield-based clinic work in tandem with the body’s deeply interrelated systems, acknowledging the pivotal role that oral health plays in overall health. If you have sought treatment for issues like migraines, sleep apnoea or facial pain but never found relief, it could be worth speaking to Good Health Dentistry about our dental treatments in the Chatswood area.

Whether you need a general check-up or are seeking relief for a specific condition, our dentists can assist. Some of the techniques we use include facial orthopaedics, myofunctional correction, breathing normalisation and controlled orthodontics, which are all innovative and effective treatments.

End your long search for a holistic dentist near Chatswood by contacting Good Health Dentistry.

Enjoy increased confidence

Dental Braces Chatswood

Do you find yourself embarrassed of your smile, or struggling to clean your teeth due to their improper positioning? If this is the case, finding a reputable Orthodontic treatment in the Chatswood area is likely to provide a solution.

Good Health Dentistry are able to assist with a range of orthodontic concerns, as well as provide personalised teeth braces. Chatswood residents will receive targeted treatment from our clinic, with our Orthodontics also understanding the effect of oral health on your overall mental and physical wellbeing.

When it comes to seeking orthodontic treatment, it’s critical to go with a reputable dental clinic. Some clinics still use outdated processes which can actually contribute to malocclusion or TMJ.

Instead, the team at Good Health Dentistry use our extensive knowledge of the body’s dynamic connections to accurately adjust the function of your teeth, jaw and associated joints. This ensures that your teeth will not only be straightened, but you can enjoy long-lasting oral health.

When you seek out orthodontic treatment from Good Health Dentistry, you can enjoy more comfortable occlusion, greater confidence, increased hygiene and relief from pain caused by misaligned teeth. Enjoy a straighter, healthier smile and related health benefits by turning to Good Health Dentistry for your orthodontic treatment.

Put an end to your chronic pain

Migraine Treatment Chatswood

You may think that your migraines are simply an inevitable part of your day due to your busy and stressful lifestyle. In reality, migraines can be caused by the improper functioning of your teeth, jaw or facial muscles, with the solution possibly being dental treatment, and not painkillers.

Good Health Dentistry offer migraine treatments for Chatswood locals, using an all-encompassing approach. By focusing on correct jaw alignment and stress reduction on the cranial bones, many people find relief from their headaches, eliminating the need for your daily painkiller.

By turning to a holistic dentist, you may learn that your headaches are because you grind your teeth or hold tension in your jaw. If you have been suffering from pain in your head, temples, behind the eyes, neck or shoulders, your dental health is likely playing a role.

If your headaches are caused by improper jaw alignment, your previous orthodontic treatment or the way you chew, swallow or breathe could be to blame. Many of us are unaware of the connection between migraines and our dental health, but a holistic health professional will be able to identify the cause and provide adequate migraine treatment. Chatswood locals should look no further than Good Health Dentistry for their holistic dental health treatments.

Rest easy, starting now

Sleep Apnoea & Snoring Treatment Chatswood

If you are having issues with snoring or your breathing while sleeping, there may be an underlying cause that is related to your dental health. Good Health Dentistry specialise in sleep apnoea and snoring treatment in the Chatswood area, identifying and targeting the link between dentistry and breathing problems. The health professionals at Good Health Dentistry use our knowledge of the mouth’s anatomy to restore the size and shape of the airway, allowing for healthy breathing even when asleep.

If you suffer from sleep apnoea or snore, you may dismiss it as a harmless habit. In reality, research has shown that those who snore or struggle with sleep apnoea are more likely to have high blood pressure, suffer strokes or develop heart disease. This means that it’s imperative that you seek sleep apnoea treatment immediately, to prevent associated conditions from developing.

Many children also suffer from sleep apnoea or snore, because of improper jaw alignment or restricted airways. If you notice your child breathes from their mouth or suffers from sleep apnoea, seek treatment immediately, as these conditions can stunt a child’s development and growth.

Enjoy healthy breathing patterns and restful sleep by turning to Good Health Dentistry for your sleep apnoea treatment. Chatswood locals can easily access our clinic in Lindfield, where they will find holistic solutions that focus on the body’s ability to heal itself through expert adjustments, instead of pills and surgeries.

Put an end to jaw pain

TMJ Treatment Chatswood

An improperly functioning temporomandibular joint can cause a range of health problems, including facial pain, headaches and difficulty chewing. This may have been caused by previous orthodontic treatment, or the way you swallow or breathe, which can push the jaw joint into its socket and cause inflammation and spasms. Those who grind their teeth or hold tension in their jaws may also develop TMJ disorder. In some cases, clicks, pain behind the eyes, tinnitus, sleep disturbances and neck and shoulder pain can all be traced back to your TMJ.

Good Health Dentistry offer TMJ treatment in the Chatswood area for any residents dealing with the painful degenerative condition. First, we conduct an initial consultation which involves examination and recording, with a 3D x-ray being taken to assess the TMJ. After this, customised treatments will be carried out to best alleviate your symptoms and adjust your temporomandibular joint.

Our holistic approach will also involve treatment of any related issues you may be experiencing because of your TMJ disorder, like headaches, sleep apnoea, facial pain or difficulty sleeping. By targeting every aspect of your health, you are likelier to enjoy improved quality of life. If you suspect your TMJ is causing you pain, speak to us today about our TMJ treatment for Chatswood residents.

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