Good Health Dentistry Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Clinic acknowledges the severe health implications of snoring and sleep apnoea, as researched by the medical profession. We aim to permanently restore healthy breathing during sleep by restoring the size and shape of the airway and controlling the volume of air that is breathed by avoiding the use of a sleep apnoea machine in most cases.

All snoring and sleep apnoea must be eliminated if a healthy life is to be lived.


Medical research has shown no doubt in the link between this and high blood pressure, strokes, arteriosclerosis and other heart diseases. Also affected are most of the respiratory diseases of the nose, sinuses and lungs.


Over the last 20 years of practising dentistry, the role of the dentist in treating this disease is becoming more and more important. It is the most single important service that a dentist can perform that most significantly affects the health of the whole body.

The biggest problem is that people do not take snoring and sleep apnoea seriously. They think that it is just an annoying social issue, often causing bed partners to sleep in separate rooms. Social issues are important but the medical issues are far more relevant. The problem is that currently the treatment is controlled by the “Sleep industry” whose sole existence is based on selling CPAP machines.

So that people wishing to be diagnosed and treated for this problem, and wishing to improve their quality of sleep need to know that they have a choice, and a scientifically proven effective choice between CPAP treatment alone or control of airway size with proper breathing.

We should be able to sleep peacefully and quietly with no noise attributed the breathing at all. We should be able to sleep deeply and calmly. When we wake up we should be fully refreshed and alert and full of energy for the whole day. The mind should be able to attend to all things in a calm state. It is the duty of dentistry to offer this to our patients. The true question is: do we care enough to do something about it? The truth is that the treatment is simple and yet life transforming.

We have a choice no matter what our age to be healthy and bright. It has been estimated that if snoring and sleep apnoea is not treated, on average it reduces our lifespan by 15 years. Most people today are doing nothing about it and those that are, are being told that they need to use of CPAP machine for the rest of their life. This is not be the need for the majority of people.

Snoring and sleep apnoea in children is very serious as it affects their growth and development significantly.

A child should have no apnoeic event in sleep and should be as quiet as a mouse, otherwise there is resistance. This significantly affects their behaviour and their ability to attend. They should be checked for adenoid and tonsil enlargement by an ENT. The nasal passage should be clear of mucus and inflammation, but most importantly the child should breathe with their lips together, night and day.

What we do at Good Health Holistic Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Clinic is:

•Take a proper history and clinical records.

•Take a 3-D x-ray to analyse the size and shape of the airway.

•Have the patient do an initial 15 channel home sleep study. This gives us a base reading.

•If after all this there are signs of snoring or mild to moderate apnoea then appropriate measures are suggested re-establish proper airway size and regulated breathing.

•A titrated mandibular advancement splint may be suggested.

•A proper upper and lower jaw relationship can also be established by full adult Holistic Orthodontics.

•The establishment of lips together breathing during the night is mandatory.

•An explanation of hidden hyperventilation is given and if needed a course of breathing retraining is offered.

•After several months a new sleep study is taken to monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

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